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The Technical Consortium is well-positioned as a mechanism to bridge the gap between successful theoretical science and innovation and applied science for impact on development. As part of the CGIAR system, the TC has the ability to draw heavily on the research community and Non-State Actors and Civil Society Organizations, and can bring significant added value to aligning research and development.

Please find our latest publications arranged into three key research areas, for your convenience. View all our publications.


    Indicator selection

    The Technical Consortium provides an approach to applied resilience, using proposed system indicators in conjunction with existing human development indices to monitor and evaluate the impact of investments. These indicators operate over a Resilience Pathway, which looks beyond a single project timeline of 3-5 years, instead forecasting a longer 20-year time line and the impact multiple interventions have on enhancing resilience.


    Decision analysis modelling

    The Technical Consortium and the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), with the technical assistance of Hubbard Decision Research (HDR), are undertaking the building of a decision analysis model, the aim of which is to understand resilience under the uncertainty and data deficiencies which exist. This approach draws from decision analysis procedures and techniques of Applied Information Economics (AIE).


For a range of more general resources from a variety of research institutions, please access our Resilience Library.